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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Motherboard Modifications

Recently purchase a new mother board and had an interesting experience where the mounting point for the CPU heat sink was incomplete. There are usually two mounting 'hooks' the hold the heat sink on the CPU and one of them was missing! The other one didn't have any screws. This was partially my fault because I purchased an Open Box from Microcenter.

As opposed to returning the board or waiting forever for replacements, I went ahead and worked out a solution that required two screws, a hack saw, a coat hanger, and some pliers. Start to finish pictures are shown below:

PC board with single mount installed with modified screws I found in the basement.
 Coat hanger strung under board with two ends poking out of holes for other plastic mounting location.
 Finished coat hanger pare twisted together and bent sideways to form the 'lip' for the heat sink to grab onto.
Side view of the same.

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