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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2nd Earth

Note: This is part of the 2nd Earth story that I work on occasionally.

The sun shown down through the bright green leaves of the tick jungle canopy. Thick vines and branches clung to anything that moved. The hunter's movement was followed by a shower of sticky dew onto the undergrowth. The sinuous form wove it's way through the verdant growth driven by a desire to feed. Some ways distant, a green form stumbled through the undergrowth. It clung close to the ground, leathery skin efficiently brushing aside branches. But its wounds hindered it from masking it's scent, and the hunter followed.

The shadow moved across the sun seemingly slowly at first, and then with a great rush it was covered completely. The breath of the forest hushed. Not knowing what to make of this new mystery, the hunter slowed. Two eyes stared up at the dark form that covered the suns' radiance. It's prey, forgotten, slithered away, happy to be free of the threat.

It would take centuries to realize the event again, but by then, they would be ready to understand some of its significance. For now, it was enough to watch and wait, two eyes up, wondering of the possibilities. A weathered hand rested on a nearby tree. It's five fingers gripped the bark absently, it's attention focused on the sky and the future.

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