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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The Ride

Note: This is part of the 2nd Earth story that I work on occasionally.

Strapped into a little padded cylinder with no room to move was not the idealistic form of fun. Still, the short trip to freedom was the best bet for a new life. The only alternative was a hard cold floor and crumbling cement walls. The only thing to look back on was the rain, drop by drop coming in through the ceiling. The only thing the broke the monotony was the rain. Memories of the past were rancid, foul, dead, useless now that they were gone. So long away it seemed, they existed outside of the small being that was encapsulated in a soft blue padding waiting on a final ride to freedom.

The rain was washing the launch site, like a flood of a thousand little rocks it came down pelting the figures below. Two figures paced some ways away from the launch area. The vehicle itself was seated upright like an elongated egg, tall and slender, it sat against the wind, not moving an inch. The humans however were much less stationary. They tried shrugging off the droplets by shaking their shoulders in their big green coats but to no avail, there was more wet where that came from. Their large weapons hung heavy on their shoulders. They were there only till the package got off the ground. Sooner rather than later was best.

Sooner rather than later was best. And the rain kept coming down in a tap tap tap. And that was slowly drowned out by the ignition switches. And the roar of the engine soon drowned out any point the rain was trying to make. And then they were on their way. All twenty of them, strapped in their little padded cells, headed to freedom.

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