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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Zombie Girl Song

A short song I've thought up in the shower over the last few months. It should be sung to the general tune of I'm a barbi girl in a barbi world for full effect:

She's a Zombie Girl
In a Zombie World
She's Contagious
Totally Salacious

Buggies in Her Hair
She's Bleeding Everywhere
Don't go Near Her
They Think We should Fear Her

Zombie Girl is Here
And She Does Not Appear
To Be Evil
She Just Eats People

I Took Her On a Date
And Now It's Getting Very Late
She's Fantastic
Overly Sarcastic

We Went to My Place
And Now She's Kissing Face
Her Eyes Revealing
Her True Feelin's

Now Everything Has Changed
And When I Try to Explain
What Just Happened
People Just Laugh and

I'm a Zombie Boy
With a Zombie Girl Toy
We're Contagious
Totally Salacious

Buggies in Our Hair
We're Bleeding Everywhere
Don't Get Near Us
They Should Really Fear Us

I hope you now have learned
The knowledge that I spurned
Zombies are People
And They are Still Eeviiiil!

-Revised December 12, 2009

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